Monday, September 14, 2015

Iron Maiden - whether they like it or not.

See, brother Ashton and I went to a Paul Di'anno gig last time he toured. It was nasty, loud, low budget and dangerous. I also could have told you exactly how what sort of a terrible hangover I was going to have the next day - well in advance of the event. We met Paul afterwards and narrowly avoided being beaten to death by him and his security. Might have been something we said. We are going to try desperately hard to make this upcoming Iron Maiden visit equally interesting and will strive to meet all the other members of one of our favorite bands. Whether they like it or not. 

Here's the details … returning after seven years Maiden will play 2 shows in NZ, April 29 in Christchurch at the Horncastle Arena followed by May 1 at the Vector Arena in Auckland.

Maiden will then fly to Australia, where they haven’t played since 2011, to perform five shows there.